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Obi is an advanced cloth simulator for Unity that uses particle physics to deliver high-quality, flexible and easy to use cloth simulation.

Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

- Support for skinned meshes: unified solution for character clothing and regular cloth.
- Two-way rigid body interaction.
- Modular solver: don't waste performance, only use the constraints your cloth needs.
- Per module adjustable solver iteration count.
- Cloth proxies: drive high resolution meshes using low-res simulations. Works with skinned meshes too! - Softbody physics trough volume constraints.
- Independent stretch and bend constraints.
- Cloth is attachable to rigid bodies.
- Cloth can collide with itself and other cloth pieces.
- Physically based aerodynamics model.
- In-editor simulation preview.
- Easy-to-use integrated editor tools: selection, brush selection

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